Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Judge denies adding defendant to Trinity suit

Published in the Sharon Herald
Date: March 7, 2008
Written by: Monica Pryts
Summary by: Halie

The U.S district Judge Arthur J. Schwab, Pittburgh, on Tuesday, denied Trinity's request to file a second amended complaint that added the parent company of former Greenville Steel Car Co. to the lawsuit. The amendments to the lawsuit were due by Nov. 30, but the Trinity attorney, Leonard Ambrose of Erie did not return a message on Tuesday.

Steel Car changed their name to Greenlease Holding Co. in 1986 when Trinity bought the property according to court documents filed Feb. 15 by Trinity. Trinity claims that they should not be the only company to clean up all the hazardous waste at the site of its former railcar plant. Steel Car was at the north plant from 1922 until 1986.

Trinity believes that Steel Car used products and chemicals that included hazardous substances that may continue to contaminate the site. So they should have to help clean up the site. In early 2006, Trinity was charged by the state Attorney General's office for illegally dumping at the railcar site.

An agreement was reached December 2006 which ordered Trinity to CLEAN UP THE SITE and have to pay $254,502 in fines. And they also had to pay a $50,000 contribution to nonprofit organizations. All of it is paid off.

On June 28, Trinity sued Commerce Park and its director William E. Marsteller which bought Trinity's north plant in 2004. Commerce Park says Trinity put all the cemicals in the ground so Commerce Park should not be responsible for helping Trinity with the clean up.

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