Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Greenville Mayor Wants Hefty Fines Imposed for Mess

Published in The Herald Newspaper on January 2, 2008
Written By: Monica Pryts
Summarized by: Casey and Taylor

Mayor Richard Miller wants Greenville Commerce Park to pay hefty fines for cleaning up the Trinity site. Greenville Commerce Park bought the property in 2004. They have been since demolishing buildings and structures. They have been leaving scrapes of junk lying around. The fine for violating is $600. Miller proposed raising the price to $1000.00. Joe Joseph, the borough’s solicitor said Pangas would have to tell Commerce Park he will be investigating property for possible violations. Greenville Commerce Park will then have 30 days to remedy the situation if it doesn’t comply, Pangas could issue citations. It would be up to court to see if a fine should be assessed and if the fine should be increased. Council will vote on Tuesday.
For more information on this, go to http://www.sharonherald.com/archivesearch/local_story_221215701.html

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