Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Our Parts in the Project

Read about our parts in the project.

By: Dylan
My group and I are doing a project named S.C.A.T. for Project S.C.A.T. I am doing Trinity Industries. The information so far on it is that we have websites and reasons why they're there. We also have pictures on the website. So that is what we have so far!

By: Halie
My friend Sarah and I are interviewing people about Project S.C.A.T. Project S.C.A.T. means project stop contamination at trinity. We are going to interview people like Sarah's dad, and Marie's dad. Those are just two people. There are six. For our group, we have our own wikispace. On our wikispace, we are putting the answers we get from interviews we do.

By: Colton
Hi I'm Colton. My group and I are working on Trinity Industries. We are researching what they do and make. They made railroad cars in Greenville. They painted the cars with cancer causing chemicals. Then it went into the ground. Trinity is in Texas now. I hope they start doing something about cleaning up the mess they left here in Greenville.

By: Kristen
For Project S.C.A.T my group is doing Chemicals, which means that we have to research the chemicals Trinity used, and explain in our own words what they are. For example we researched asbestos. It explained that if you inhale asbestos you would have a possibility of getting Asbestosis which is a really bad type of cancer. This is what Marie , Nick B., Robb and I are doing to help Project S.C.A.T.

By: Destiny
For project S.C.A.T. my group is researching the history of Trinity. This includes the previous owners of Trinity, and what was there before. That is what we are doing for project S.C.A.T.

By: Taylor
Hello I'm Taylor. My group is History of the Property. What we do is we find out who the previous owners were, who owns it now and stuff like that. In my group is Casey, Destiny and I. If you want some more information about Project S.C.A.T and the History of the Property then go to Thats all for now!

By: Casey
Hi! I'm Casey. My group is doi
ng the History of the Property at Trinity. We research about what was there before Trinity, did they use wastes, and much more. Empire Car was there before Trinity and so was Greenville Steel Car. Greenville Steel Car made steel cars for railroads. Then, they sold it to Trinity in 1990.

By: Ben
Hi! My name is Ben and I'm participating in Project S.C.A.T. I'm in the "future" group. We are finding out the Negative and Positive Outcomes of the Trinity sites. The Negative Outcomes are what will happen if the sites aren't cleaned up. The Positive Outcomes are what happens if the Trinity sites are cleaned up. The different subjects in our group are nature, chemical, and community. That's all for now! See Ya!

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