Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trinity Allowed to Inspect Plant Site

Article By: Monica Pryts
Date: January 22, 2008
Name of Newspaper: Sharon Herald
Link: http://www.sharon-herald.com/local/local_story_022204525.html
Summary By: Kristen L. & Destiny W.

Commerce Park of Greenville has been ordered to allow Trinity Industries to enter & inspect the former railcar site for hazardous waste. Judge Arthur J. Schwab of U.S. District Court of Pittsburgh. On Jan. 3, he granted Trinity’s motion to access the property which Commerce Park bought in 2004. Commerce Park is being sued by Trinity. They refused to give Trinity permission to enter the property. The Park asked the court to deny Trinity’s request. The court order said (quote) no later than Feb. 1st Commerce Park should allow Trinity’s environmental consultants to enter the property at 60 Union St.

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